Another Success!

We’re delighted to share another success story! It’s been less than two months since our first device was reunited with its owner after being lost at Millaa Millaa Falls. The It’s Somewhere community just couldn’t wait a minute longer to return more photos though…


Our most recent hero, Phil Howard, was on a business trip in Berlin last year when he spotted a GoPro sitting on a bench. He hung about to see if anyone might come back to get it but there was no such luck. Fortunately, this was not going to stop him.

“At this point I had a “Challenge Accepted” moment. We ship stuff worldwide, and we’re a company of geeks, so I figured we’d be the best people to make sure it was returned.”

Phil headed back to his hotel to upload the GoPro photos to his laptop and begin searching for the owner. He spent the rest of his trip keeping an eye out for the folks from the photos but, of course, Berlin was too big and busy to bump into them. He continued to hunt for the owners online after returning from his trip, sharing plenty of posts on social media. After a few months of no success, Phil lodged a report with us and the It’s Somewhere community did the rest…

“Fast forward about 7 months of the GoPro gathering dust in the corner of our bedroom, and out of the blue I get a Tweet from a friend of theirs in response to one of my original tweets.”


A friend of the GoPro owners spotted Phil’s report on the It’s Somewhere Twitter page and got it touch with him. Phil finally found the long lost owners, a young Mexican couple, and began to make plans to return the long lost holiday snaps. With him based in Europe and them in Mexico, they were about as far away as they could be. Once again, though, that wasn’t going to stop him!

“They were lovely, and immensely surprised that I even still had the GoPro. I packed up the GoPro using Haribo and other silly sweets as packing material, and sent it on its way. Mission success.”


Congratulations to the photo owners, thank you to all the It’s Somewhere supporters who shared the report and a huge thanks to Phil!


Our work isn’t done yet, though! There’s plenty more photos to be returned. Head to our website to report lost or found devices.




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