A Closer Look At Travel Blogging with Getting Stamped

This week, we’ve been getting a closer look at the life of travellers. We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, it’s a dream job but it’s not as easy as it looks! We recently spoke to Gary from Everything Everywhere about his experiences as a travel photographer. Today, we’re chatting to Hannah, one half of Getting Stamped, about life as a travel blogger.

1. You talk about your perfect day starting with a sunrise, what else would the day have in it, combining different experiences from countries around the world?

My perfect day would start on my favorite island Koh Lipe with a fresh passion fruit smoothie in hand as I listen to the waves crash outside my beach villa, then I’d go swimming with the pigs like in the Bahamas while Adam would go out diving, I’d enjoy lunch with my toes in the sand as I eat my favorite Thai curry, later we’d enjoy happy hour together as we watch the sunset (our favorite time of the day), and we’d end it with an amazing night sky like at our favorite campsite in Spitzkoppe Namibia Africa.


2. You were as you put it, living the American dream in the USA, then you had that now or never feeling. What advice would you give to people who are in the part of their life and want to travel?

Just go, it will be the best decision of your life.

3. If you could only keep one photo, what would it be and why?

Only one! Well Adam is a travel photographer and we have over 8 TB of photos of our travels the past 3 years…I’d have to go with the picture of us in El Nido Philippines. The Philippines is one of our favorite countries in the world, and in this picture we are at what we love most the beach! Adam got to do a ton of diving, we explored gorgeous islands, and we loved everything about El Nido.

el nido

Photo credit: Getting Stamped

4. If you could build your own country from scratch, using traditions, technology and culture. Which features from different countries would you use?

It would be the size of my favorite island Koh Lipe, tacos from my local taco joint in Playa del Carmen, old classic cars from Cuba, lightening fast wifi speed, friendly locals like those we have met in Fiji or Cambodia, a few swimming pigs like the Bahamas, gorgeous white sand beach like Half Moon Cay Bahamas, good beer selection for Adam, tons of day trips like all the things to do in El Nido Philippines, and of course some of our friends and family.

5. In 140 characters, #BeingABloggerIs….

Life as a travel blogger is hell of a ride! Totally rewarding but challenging at times, but I wouldn’t choose to do anything else.


Photo credit: Getting Stamped

If you’ve lost any of your own travel snaps or found someone else’s, report it on our website.


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