A Closer Look At Travel Photography with Everything Everywhere

You’d be hard pushed to find a list of the ‘best jobs in the world’ that didn’t include ‘travel photographer’. These lucky folk spend their days travelling the globe and snapping sights of a lifetime. Travel photographer isn’t just a full-time holiday though. The faces behind these postcard-ready photos have a lot more to them than passport stamps. We spoke to Gary Arndt, a travel blogger, photographer and the face of Everything Everywhere, who was kind enough to share a little about this dream job.

1. You’ve travelled to over 175 countries around the world, if you were to pick 3 to re-live and visit again, which would they be and why?

There isn’t a single place I wouldn’t re-visit. However I can always go back to Sydney, Singapore and London. I love each of those cities and can spend an almost unlimited about of time there. They are exciting and have great food.


Photo credit: Everything Everywhere

2. You have a triple-major in Economics, Mathematics and Political Science, why travel? What keeps you on the move, rather than in a settled life with with what would be presumably a great job?

I’d say I do have a great job. I have one of the best jobs in the world. One that lets me explore the world and share it with others. What keeps me going is that I am always learning something new everywhere I go.

3. If you could only keep one photo, what would it be and why?

It would probably be this photo of a woman in front of a waterfall on the island of Dominica. I have no idea who she is, but she just stood up, posed, and sat back down. It was perfect and I was in the right spot for it.

Photo credit: Everything Everywhere

4. If you could build your own country from scratch, using traditions, technology and culture. Which features from different countries would you use?

Basque cider, German Pork, Japanese toilets, American refills, British pubs, Hawaiian weather, Arab hospitality, Fijian friendliness, Argentine beef, and African landscapes.

5. In 140 characters, #BeingABloggerIs…

A whole lot of work.


Photo credit: Everything Everywhere



If you’ve lost some of your own stunning travel photos, report it on our website.


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