How Do I Get My Photos Back?

When you lose a camera, GoPro or phone, it can be easy to feel like it’s gone forever. However, there are a few points of action to take before you lose hope. Check out our top six ways to find your photos with our useful infographic.


The Police

Believe it or not, plenty of good Samaritan’s will hand found gear into the local police station. Head to the nearest station, preferably the one closest to where you may have lost your item, and see if anything has been handed in. If not, lodge a report at the police station in case anything gets handed in at a later date.

Social Channels

Social networks are a good way to get the word out that you’ve lost something. Rather than just posting updates to all your friends and family, who will likely deem it a hint for your next Christmas present, try to look for more specific groups. Browse your social channels for groups related to lost and found stuff in your area or even the specific event you may have lost your camera at. This means your message will reach people who are more likely to have seen your lost gear.

It’s Somewhere

Of course, It’s Somewhere is on the list! As you probably know already, we’re dedicated to returning lost memories in the form of photos and videos. All you need to do is lodge a report on our website with as much useful information as you can, and we’ll try our best to find your photos. We share the report all over our popular social media channels. The more shares or retweets the report gets, the more likely we’ll successfully find it.


Craigslist is both a goldmine and a haystack when it comes to lost and found goods. There is a tonne of stuff on here, it just takes a little time to sift through it all. Make sure you use the advanced search function to whittle down what you’re looking for.

Stolen Camera Finder

This is a great preventative measure for lost cameras, especially if you’re an avid traveller or keen adventurer. All you have to do is type your camera’s serial code into the search engine and Stolen Camera Finder will search for any photos that have been uploaded using the same camera.

Gadget Trak

Another great preventative measure is Gadget Trak. Download this app to your laptop or smartphone so that you can not only track your lost stuff, you can snap a picture of the person in possession of it!

If you’ve lost or found a device, report it with us on our website!


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