The 9 Types of Holiday Photographers

We’ve made it through the winter and holidays are already on our mind. Whether you’re going for a spring break or meticulously planning your summer holiday, the future’s looking bright. But, every perfect holiday has a nightmare phoot-taker. Do any of these sound familiar to you? If not, you may be the culprit!

1. The Wrong Directioner


Credit: Bored Panda

Who on earth thought it was a good idea to have cameras on the front and back of our phones? Well… a lot of people, actually. But, for some it’s just a bit too many lenses. This kind of photographer often thinks they’re taking snaps of beautiful landscape but later find an entire album of chin close-ups.

2. The 50% Off-er

It doesn’t matter how obvious the subject is, this person just can’t seem to get the whole picture. They could accidentally chop grandma out of a family photo or they could slice the top of the Eiffel Tower off. Whatever they’re shooting, they give it a hefty discount.

3. The Inappropriate Timer


Credit: WiffleGif

There are some places that just don’t need a group photo. However, this person disagrees. That moment you just got off a long flight and you want to go straight to bed – they want a photo of it. That busy street where everyone wants to get past you and your suitcases – they need a shot of it. Say cheese!

4. The Tenth Times a Charm-er


Credit: Mashable

There is definitely such a thing as ‘too much of a good thing’. This holiday snapper knows exactly how to kill a moment with a photo (or ten) too many.

5. The Joker


Credit: Giphy

It doesn’t matter how many times you do it, this person is absolutely certain that you cannot smile on demand. Not to worry though, they’ve got a joke at the ready that’s sure to make you smile… or, at least, pretend to.

6. The Puppeteer

“Now, you stand here… And you over here… Just pop your arm up like this… Tilt your head this way… Perfect!”
This person is certainly not a fan of catching natural moments. They’re a perfectionist and they’re not going to let you mess up their photo. Get ready to be shifted in every direction and position possible.

7. The ‘That’s the One’-er


Credit: The Berry

This holiday photographer won’t actually take a photo themselves, but they will be in every shot. If you’re on photo-taking duty, you know the drill, take photos until they’ve got a shot that they look stunning (no matter how terrible everyone else looks).

8. The Shoulda Woulda Coulda


Credit: Giphy

They’re well prepared for holiday snaps. They’ve got the camera, camera bag, charger, lens cleaner, lenses and maybe even props. Unfortunately, they never get round to actually taking any pictures. This person is likely to have made it their new years’ resolution to take more photos and they often end the day saying ‘oh no, we didn’t get any pictures!”

9. The ‘Hey You’-er


Credit: Giphy

This holiday photographer has no shame. They will ask anyone and everyone to take a photo of your group, and if it’s not good enough, you can be sure they’ll tell them to do it again. At the end of they day, no one ever gets missed out of the photo, but everyone seems to be cringing in every shot.


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