Awesome DIY Camera Filters

If you like showing off the newest camera model or accessories, we’ve got a way to take things one step further. Do-It-Yourself camera accessories! Anyone can buy the latest model – pay check dependent, obviously – but not everyone can make it. These DIY camera filters combine both your photography and crafting skills with great results.



This traditional photography style has a certain timeless charm to it. It’s an easy project for professionals and amateurs alike and looks great on both your old mobile phone and your new DSLR.

All you have to do is poke a pin (or needle) through a piece of cardboard, pop it over your lens, and voila! If you fancy a challenge, there are plenty of much more complex ways to make pinhole cameras from scratch. Either way, the results are fantastic.



We can all agree, there’s something ridiculously fun about taking pictures of things through this bubble-type lens. Well it turns out making one is pretty fun too!

Bespectacled folk, you’re at an advantage here as the first thing you have to do is grab yourself the thickest pair of prescription glasses you can find. Even better, buy the blank, uncut lens from an optician (i.e. just one piece of glass, no frames). Now, pop it over your camera lens and you’re ready to go.

Macro and Micro


Another surprisingly easy project is creating a macro lense from a few house hold items. A magnifying glass is the most obvious choice, all you need to do is move it nearer and farther from your camera lens until you get your desired shot. If you want to try a micro lens, all you have to do is flip the magnifying glass around and you get that too!


Tilt Shift

Who doesn’t love a dreamy, glowing photo? Sometimes those Instagram filters just don’t do the trick though. A more hands on approach, and sometimes a more successful one, is making your own physical filter.

Don’t freak out but to make your own glowing filter we’re going to ask you to smear Vaseline all over your beloved lens… Suffice to say, this project is not for expensive cameras but it does give a great dreamy result. If you can’t bring yourself to do this, though, try scrunching up cling film around the edge of your lens as this creates a similar effect.



If you fancy a bit of a pattern on your photos, try experimenting with different kinds of materials. You don’t have to go fabric shopping, most of the items in your wardrobe will give you some interesting results.

For example, stretching stockings over your lens will give your photo a soft look and popping jersey material on your camera will give the picture an interesting pattern.


Colour Filters


Take a trip back to childhood and grab your colouring pens! All you need for this DIY filter is some clear plastic and some markers. Colour the plastic with your desired filter colour and place it in front of your lens. It’s as easy as that.


Star filter

This filter is great fun for shots with lots of artificial light, especially at night time. It makes all the lights gleam in beautiful star-like shapes. All you have to do is find some metal screening in your local DIY shop – it looks like a sheet of metal with diamond shaped holes in it. Hold that sheet of metal over your camera lens and shoot!

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