The Strangest Photo Trends of the Decade

Once upon a time, eccentric photo trends went as far as doing the peace sign or sticking your tongue out. Anything outside of these two categories was wildly inappropriate and unexpected. Nowadays, once something ridiculous is caught on camera, it becomes all the rage. Here’s the strangest photo trends to catch on in recent years.


PLanking photo trend 2


Although this gives the impression of a pose with some health benefits (there’s a popular workout move of the same name) it’s not quite the case. Planking consists of lying face down with your arms by your sides on anything and everything. The more ridiculous the surface, the better the photo.

Difficulty: 6
Imagination: 4
Visual effect: 5


Batmanning photo trend.jpg

This is much less about looking like a superhero than it is looking like a bat… Simply find a vertical surface that you can hang off, swing yourself upside down and hang out. If you’re not a fan of bats then other animal related photo trends, include koalaing and owling.

Difficulty: 7
Imagination: 8
Visual effect: 5


Hadouken photo trend.jpg

Unlike many of the other strangest photo trends, Hadoukening cannot be done alone. Grab yourself a teammate or two and throw them into the distance with your super power energy! Other powerful photo trends include spidermanning, supermanning and darth vadering.

Difficulty: 9
Imagination: 7
Visual effect: 8

Dog Shaming

Dog shaming photo trend.jpg

We’ve really got to give the credit to the dogs for this trend. Although the humans did a good job at naming and shaming their pets, the dogs really put in the hard work. From ripping up sofas to eating rubbish and breaking doors to ruining clothes, they covered all the bases!

Difficulty: 3
Imagination: 4
Visual effect: 5


horsemanning photo trend.jpg

Like Hadoukening, you need a partner in crime for this photo trend. Either that, or a very long neck.

Difficulty: 4
Imagination: 6
Visual effect: 6


tebowing photo trend.jpg

Inspired by the American football quarterback, Tim Tebow, this move means getting onto one knee and praying. The move itself is pretty unremarkable but the real beauty of this photo trend is the variety situations it pops up in.

Difficulty: 1
Imagination: 3
Visual effect: 3

Forced Perspective

forced perspective photo trend.jpg

This photo trend definitely has the broadest range of styles. A shot can comprise the standard ‘holding a large landmark in your finger tips’ or it can be as inventive as releasing birds from a jar, riding a banana or burping rainbows.

Difficulty: 7
Imagination: 9
Visual effect: 8


Think we’ve missed a crazy photo trend? Let us know in the comments!

Or, you’ve lost or found photos, report it to us here.


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