Inspiring Quotes for Photography Enthusiasts

Anyone who likes to take a few photos here and there will know that photography can be a difficult game. If the lighting is a little wrong or someone moves at just the wrong moment, the whole shot can be ruined.

However, when you get it all just right and everything comes together, you can have a photo that is worth all the effort. Here’s a few minders to keep working through the bad shots!

Don’t Forget About the Little Things


It’s easy to feel like your photos don’t stand up to immense mountains and incredible landscapes but don’t forget that the small details can be just impressive.

Some of the Best Shots Are Personal Ones


If you’re desperately looking for the perfect shot, you may find it’s been right  in front of you all along. These precious little moments with loved ones can often be more beautiful than any perfectly aligned shot.

Respect The Photographer


Respect your talent! Ignore those clueless people who say ‘it’s hard to take a bad picture of that’. We know all too well that bad photographers can make even the most tremendous beauties look terrible.

Don’t Believe Everything You See


There’s lots of arguments about whether photography is always ‘truthful’ or not. However, we’ve all booked a tIckes somewhere only to find ‘it didn’t look like that in the pictures…’ Remember that you can use your photography to tell the truth or tell white lies, it’s up to you!

Remember, Photography Is Amazing!


It’s easy to forget with a camera at the tip of everyone’s fingers how amazing photography is. Photos can easily end up wasting away on a computer screen; savour them, share them, print them!

Look At Things Differently


It’s all about perception. Even if you don’t get the perfect shot this time, you’ll often find that you looked at your surroundings in a way others didn’t. Lining up a picture or searching for a subject forces you to really observe what’s around you.

Enjoy Your Photos


At It’s Somewhere, we believe photos can be a source of both embarrassment and pleasure, but we wouldn’t have it any ith way. Would you?

Compare and Contrast


As every high school essay you received probably said: ‘Compare and contrast, damn it!’ Spoiler alert, your teachers were right. Contrast can really bring a scene to life in your photography.


If you’ve lost any of your own photography or found someone else’s, report it on our website for the chance to see them returned.


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