Smartphones Challenge Professional Photographers

Anyone who has an interest in photography will have experienced meeting a ‘camera snob’ at one time or another. (You know the type, they want to know what kind of camera you’ve got, what model it is and they’ll routinely throw in photography lingo to test your knowledge.) And, anyone who uses a camera phone for their photography will know the utter look of disdain received when they mention it.

Camera phone users are often overlooked as serious photographers, despite what talent or skill they have. There is such a range of camera technology out there that some photography enthusiasts seem to find it impossible to fathom not using a large fancy device. However, here at It’s Somewhere we’re strong believers that that shouldn’t be the case. Here’s a few reasons why…


Camera phones can take stunning photos


Credit: Instagram @Phone_Only_ / @Werbeski / @Windowsphonephotography

You may be surprised to know that all of these spectacular shots were all taken by camera phones. Despite the mobile phones’ simplicity in comparison to a big ol’ DSLR, they can take some impressive photos. It may take a little longer to capture and a bit of fiddling with your settings, but with some patience and practise, camera phones can pose quite a threat to professional gear.

Camera phones are used for professional events

Although we all use camera phones to snap our every day happenings, few of us consider them as equipment for serious photo shoots. Everything from fashion shoots to family portraits can be shot on a phone, as you can see from Apple’s ‘Shot with iPhone’ campaign which crowd sourced amazing iPhone photography. This couple had their whole wedding shot on an iPhone and we think you’ll agree it looks pretty darn good.

Professional photographers use camera phones too

The above photographers are all know for opting for their pocket-sized camera instead of larger equipment. Yes, that’s right, many of these guys make a few bucks from their hand-held snaps. Who can blame them either, these photos are truly brilliant in their own right.

There’s even a name for it: iPhoneography


Credit: Instagram

For those who think that using your phone for serious photography are in the minority, think again. This phenomenon is taking the world by storm under the name ‘iPhoneograhy’.

iPhones aren’t the only cameras worth taking pictures with though

Don’t be fooled into thinking that only the mighty Apple products can take a good shot. There are tonnes of phone models that cater for the photographer. Models like the LG V10 boasts two front-facing cameras and manual-mode for photos and videos, and the Sony Xperia Z5 has 25MP and produces amazing nighttime photography.

There are plenty of camera accessories for your phone


Credit: Photojojo

Lenses and tripoff aren’t just for the big boys either, you can still pimp out your phone with all sorts of gadgets and accessories. Believe it or not, there is everything on offer from remotes to lighting.

Or you can enhance your camera with some DIY tricks

If you aren’t quite at the stage of buying expensive camera kit for your phone, you can still replicate interesting styles with a few clever DIY tricks. You can mimic having a Macro Lens using only a drop of water or try out pinhole photography with just a piece of cardboard.

Films are being made on phones too


Credit: The Verge

Yes, you guessed it. Phone photography just wasn’t enough for the 21st century, there’s even TV shows and  films made entirely on phones. Tangerine even turned heads at the renowned Sundance Film Festival, an event normally reserved for only the Hollywood elite.

But don’t forget about editing


Credit: YouTube

Although there are all sorts of gadgets and techniques to make your phone camera into the real deal, editing is arguably one of the most important elements. A bit of tactical editing can transform a photo from casual snapchat shot to something postcard-worthy. There’s a range of apps available on the AppStore and tutorials can be found on YouTube to walk you through the process.


Many would agree that the ides that ‘phones can’t be real cameras’ is severely outdated. There are so many amazing things you can do with your smart phone, sometimes it’s even hard to tell the difference between ‘professional photography’ and pocket photography.

What do you think? Are camera phones ruining the sanctity of photography or are they making it more affordable and attainable for everyone?


If you’ve lost photos or videos on any device, smartphone or not, head over to our website to report it.



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