Look What We Found!

As many of you know, It’s Somewhere aims to return lost memories to those who made them. These memories can be in the form of photos or videos on a GoPro, a camera, a phone or even an SD card. Whatever they are, we want to return them to the hands (or screens) of the rightful owners.

However, in many cases, although we’ve found the device, we still haven’t found the owner. You can help us out by sharing this blog or any of our reports on Twitter or Facebook in the hope that we can reunite these pictures with their rightful owners!


FOUND: GoPro Hero3+ in Mont-Tremblant, Quebec

Media Device: GoPro
Model: Hero3+

Location Found: Mont-Tremblant, Quebec, Canada
Additional Information: Found on the Beauchemin Bas trail.

Date Found: 30th December 2015

While skiing down the trail, I saw the device sticking out of the snow and I picked it up.

Contents of photos and videos
There are pictures predominantly of what looks like a High School girl with a white t-shirt with a purple letter ‘A’ as well as a friend with a Baltimore Ravens football jersey.


FOUND: Nikon Coolpix Camera in North Shore, Hawaii

Media Device: Compact Camera
Brand: Nikon
Model: Coolpix

Location Found: North Shore, Oahu, Hawaii
Additional Information: Pipeline, Ehukai Beach Park

Date Found: 13th January 2016

Found near showers.

Contents of photos and videos
Looks like belonged to child. Possibly from Los Angeles, California.


FOUND: SD Card in Nintendo Wii, Vancouver, WA, USA

imageMedia Device: SD Card
Brand: Sandisk
Model: 8GB

Location Found: Nintendo Wii, Vancouver, WA, USA
Additional Information: Picked up at Goodwill store on 4th Plain in Vancouver, WA, USA.

Date Found: 14th January 2016

Bought a Wii at Goodwill with 2 remotes, power supply, sensor bar, Monster RGB cable in place of the stock composite video.

Contents of photos and videos
Appears to be honeymoon pics on a cruise in the tropics. Ring shots of wedding bands, beautiful bride with a tattoo down the middle of the back and one on the arm. 8GB card. No naughty pics. Email a pic of the tattoo on the back for positive ID.


FOUND: GoPro Hero4 at Indian Shores, Florida, USA


Media Device: GoPro
Model: Hero 4

Location Found: Indian Shores, Florida, USA
Additional Information: N/A

Date Found: 25th December 2015

Washed up on the beach.

Contents of photos and videos
Photos, possibly from Miami, Florida.


If you’ve lost or found precious photos, you can report it to us here.



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