Our Favourite GoPro Accessories for Adventurers

GoPro users no longer brag about who has the latest model but instead about the accessories they have. GoPro additions allow videographers to film almost anything, from anywhere and attached to practically everything. Their footage has taken us the top of the clouds and to the bottom of the oceans. Where can they possibly take us next? Well, let us tell you…

Dog Harness


Credit: ABC News

If you have a GoPro and a dog, you need this accessory in your life. Heck, if you’ve got a GoPro and a goldfish you need this accessory! Playing fetch is about to get a lot more fun for both of you.

Watch an energetic Dalmatian test out this accessory here.


Mouth Mount


Credit: Dummy Mounts

These days it’s hard to find an inspirational video without a surfer hitting the waves. The GoPro Suction Cup has served surfers well until now but it didn’t give the best POV shots. The Mouth Mount – or ‘Grill Mount’ for the bad asses – does just that, it provides amazing POV shots without messing up that sexy surfer hair.

See the Mouth Mount in action with a skilled surfer here.



Credit: Drone GoPro

We’re not entirely sure we can pass this off as an accessory as it’s a pretty impressive machine in its own right. None-the-less, it wouldn’t be right to miss out the GoPro Drone in a list of extreme accessories. Drones can show you the world from a perspective you’d never get the chance to see it from otherwise.

Enjoy the view of these fireworks from great heights here.




Credit: GoProUser

If you’re fed-up of watching every single bouncing footstep in your GoPro footage, you’ll love the Smoothee or a GoPro Stabiliser. These gadgets arguably bring you as close to professional filmmaking as you can get wits a pocket-sized camera.

See a walk in the woods shot with the Smoothee here.


Third Person POV Mount


Credit: Amazon

First and foremost, who doesn’t want something that makes you look like Octavius? This isn’t just your ticket to being a Spider-Man extra though, this accessory can provide a decent shot of your adventures while leaving your hands free.

Watch parkour close-up here.


Swivel Mount


Credit: Gadgetify

The Swivel Mount is extreme in the sportiest sense of the word. This accessory attaches to top of a helmet and spins around as the wind catches it. However, this does mean you have to pick up some serious speed for the best possible shots. This is not for brisk walks in the park.

Watch a biker taking the Swivel Mount for a spin here.




Credit: The Verge

GoPro made this whopping ’16-camera rig’ for Google and began selling it publically last year. Unfortunately, this one is a bit too extreme for everyone. It costs $15,000 and includes an application process to prove buyers are ‘professional content creators’.

Watch the gadget (that you’re likely not allowed to have) right here.


If you’ve lost or found a camera, GoPro or phone while doing anything extreme, report it to us here.

NB: We also accept reports from ‘non-extreme’ activities but we will be less impressed.


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