8 Stunning Destinations to Visit in 2016

With the dawn of a New Year, lots of us are looking for new destinations and adventures. Here at It’s Somewhere, we’ve picked eight spectacular stop-offs to visit in 2016. From secluded islands to bustling capitals and ancient cities to breach-taking beaches, we guarantee one of these picturesque places will wheedle its way on to your new year’s resolutions list.


Koh Lanta, Thailand


Credit: Gulgasht

Tourism on the Thai Islands has boomed in recent years which means that its appealing secluded beaches are a little harder to find. However, there is still solitude left if you look in the right places. Koh Lanta is made up of a few smaller islands which, if you’re lucky, you can often explore without bumping into another soul.

Gothenburg, Sweden

Gothenburg is one of the more modern destinations on our list and a strong contender for your attention if you’re travelling in Sweden. You can find an array of museums, events and attractions with all the charm of traditional markets, villages and public gardens.


Knysna, South Africa


Credit: Wikivillage

Knysna is a quaint town surrounded by luscious greenery and clear blue bays. Although this is a great place to relax, it’s also the perfect destination for sports and wildlife lovers. You can try everything from golf to surfing and whale watching to horse riding!


Fes, Morocco


Credit: Planetware

This is by far the most colourful entry on our list. Fes is inundated with beautiful Madrasa’s, many of which are delicately decorated with colourful ceramic tiles. The area is also famous for its leather tanning which adorns some areas of the city in a variety of eye-catching shades.



Istanbul, Turkey

You’ll be spoilt the for choice when it comes to ornate mosques, ancient architecture and luxurious Turkish baths. However, you won’t find yourself stuck in the past with such a modern nightlife and thousands of shops to explore.


Melbourne, Australia

Melbourne is becoming a first choice for many tourists heading to Australia. Although Sydney posesses many of the more prominent and famous sights in the country, Melbourne arguably has more culture, character and affordable attractions.


Hanoi, Vietnam

This chaotic, yet charming, city offers endless choices of traditional entertainment, hidden coffee shops and unusual architecture. However, if you need a break from city-life, countryside and beaches are just a short drive away with Sapa, Halong Bay and Ninh Binh near by.


Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

With this year’s Olympic Games being held in Brazil, it wouldn’t be right to mits out Rio de Janeiro on our list. The city is already full of vibrant culture and stunning hilly landscape but with the upcoming sporting events ahead, the atmosphere is expected to be even more eccentric and exciting.


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