6 of the Best Transfer/Storage Sites for Photos and Videos

The range of transfer and storage technology on the market today is endless, with special features such as super-fast uploading, sharing at the click of a button and more storage space than you could ever need. Whether you need to transfer images to an employer, send snaps to your family or even return long-lost photos to someone on the other side of the world, one of these sites is bound to suit your needs. Here’s six of our favourites on the market right now, all of which are absolutely free!

Mega (50GB Free)

Credit: Techz End

Credit: Techz End

Mega is still a relatively new site on the transfer scene but it has unbelievable benefits. The site offers 50GB of free storage space, that’s 5X the space offered by many companies. It’s a simple, user-friendly choice that is great for photos. The only downside of the storage system is that it’s not as reliable for videos.

GoogleDrive (15GB Free)


We’re a big fan of GoogleDrive because of its range of sharing options, from documents to videos and spreadsheets to photos. If you’re looking for an all-round sharing choice then GoogleDrive is a strong contender, however, it’s not quite as easy to navigate as some of the other options on the market at the moment.

OneDrive (15GB Free)

OneDrive is a great option for Outlook users as it automatically saves any files received. You can easily shift things into files and folders, edit your documents online and share them with others. OneDrive is not the best option for users who receive tonnes of data of email that they don’t necesarily want to save, but it’s great for those who don’t want to manually back-up every photo they receive.

MediaFire (10GB Free)

MediaFire is the best option for people who want to transfer their photos and videos at top-speed with an impressive ‘quick speed’ option. This is also probably one of the simplest storage apps to use, with a basic list style that even the most chronic technophobes can use.

DropBox (10GB Free)

Credit: DropBox

Credit: DropBox

Yes, you’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again; DropBox is brilliant for sharing photos and videos. We love the site because it’s easy to separate data into files and folders as well as share it with specific groups or individuals.

WeTransfer (2GB Free)

Credit: We Transfer

Credit: We Transfer

WeTransfer is a great option if you’re an ‘anywhere, anytime’ person. You can access WeTransfer with no need to log in, all you need to do is insert your details, the recipient’s details and upload your file. The person at the other end will receive an email with your attached files and be able to download from there. Our favourite feature is that you will receive a notification when your friend has downloaded your file. The download link also expires after 7 days so you don’t need to worry about your files getting passed around cyber-space indefinitely.

If you’ve lost or found photos, please report it to us to return the memories to those who made them.


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