8 Of The Worst Ways To Lose Your GoPro

GoPros are slippery things, prone to disappearing, flying and sliding away. They spontaneously dive into the deep, dark sea, jump on wild animals’ backs and jump from deathdifying heights! …That’s what we like to tell ourselves anyway. The unfortunate truth may actually be that we GoPro owners are a little on the adventurous side, and maybe a bit clumsy too.

1. In the snow

Credit: Japan Times

Credit: Japan Times

Just like losing your keys before you need to go out or searching for matching socks in the laundry, things are almost impossible to find once they’ve been dropped in the snow.

2. To run-away animals

Credit: Videos Bar

Credit: Videos Bar

Whether it’s a quick-fingered monkey stealing your phone, a sleapy pet on your laptop or a pig surfing with your GoPro, animals have a true knack for breaking technology.

3. To meddling kids

Credit: GoPro

Credit: GoPro

As the famous saying goes, ‘never work with kids or animals’. You can see why in the picture above, the pure look of destruction in this kids’ eyes is enough to scare any techie.

4. Under crashing waves


Credit: Independent

Funnily enough, the GoPro above was found after six years in the deep blue sea (or murky green, as it appears here) and still worked! However, most GoPros that are lost to the ocean are sadly never seen again.

5. In space

Granted, this option is on the rare side of GoPro losses, but it does happen! This GoPro was found two years later with amazing footage of Earth from space.

6. To a passing vehicle

Credit: iPhone Hacks

Credit: iPhone Hacks

GoPros may be waterproof – with a little help from housing – and drop-proof – depending on the fall. Unfortunately, they have not yet been adapted to be lorry-proof. Maybe one day!

7. To a faulty drone

After paying a few hundred bucks on a hi-tech, top-of-the-range drone, the last thing you expect is for it to plummet unexpectedly to the ground. However, if you don’t input the right settings or calibrate it correctly, you can find your GoPro taking a detour to disaster.

 8. On the last day of your holiday

Credit: Google

Credit: Google

There’s nothing more heart-breaking than losing all of your travel photos on the very last day of your trip. No new profile picture for you!

If you’d like to read about ways to prevent losing your GoPro and other devices, you can follow our blog for the latest tips and advice.

If you’ve lost or found photos, please report it to us to return the memories to those who made them.


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