Which Camera Are You?

We all like to think that we make or own decisions and pick our own purchases. However, when it comes to cameras, they’re often the ones that pick you. Think you’re not a ‘type’? Check out our different kinds of camera users and see if you tick all the boxes.

 The GoPro

Credit: Pinterest

Credit: Pinterest

Character profile: Free-spirit, Adventurous, Spontaneous
Catch phrase: “I almost dropped it!”

The GoPro user is an adventurous soul. Their photo albums usually elicit the words “I can’t believe you did that” and “I can’t look!” They aren’t one to stand around and wait for something to happen, they make the action happen! Their shots are usually unplanned, spontaneous and fun videos, and don’t give a hoot about composition or lighting.

The Compact Camera

Character profile: Sociable, Fun, Instantaneous
Catch phrase: “Delete that one of me!”

Compact Camera kids are born socialites and they want photos with every one of their many friends and family. There’s no place or situation that they won’t whip out their camera, whether or not it embarrasses everyone else. You can easily find compact camera users by looking for the repetitive camera flashes they make wherever they go. They’re much more interested in capturing memories than beautiful shots. They’re best known for their impressive trigger finger, often taking a hundred photos a minute.

The Polaroid

Credit: Feral Front

Credit: Feral Front

Character profile: Trendy, Sentimental, Traditional
Catch phrase: “Shake it, sh-shake it, shake it, sh-shake it.”

Retro Kings and Queens love the ol’ Polaroid. These camera users are often stylish, old-school and wished they lived in another era. ‘Technology smoligy’, they say, ‘all you need is some film and a flash!’ They’d much rather display their photos on a real wall than post them all over facebook. They’re also much more careful with their photo snapping than other camera users, due to the fact it’s about $1 per shot. If a polaroid user takes a picture with you, you know you’ve won their heart!


Character profile: Professional, Serious, Artistic
Catch phrase: “What lens have you got?”

DSLR camera users often consider themselves to be real photographers. They’ll do anything for the perfect shot, including lugging around a hefty camera body and numerous lenses. They love looking at photos as much as they like taking them and will often pick holiday destinations entirely from Google image results.  Impatient people, beware of making friends with these camera users, time is non-existent to them when it comes to lining up the perfect picture!

The Mobile Phone

Character profile: Stylish, Social Media Crazy, Foodies
Catch phrase: “I’m putting this on Instagram!”

The ‘mobile phoners’ know nothing about cameras and, to be honest, they couldn’t care less. The majority of their pictures consist of food, selfies and more food. They are much more interestest in a well composed meal and a sweet filter than an incredible sunset. They view their phone as a second pair of eyes and will often spend entire gigs or shows filming everything on their phone rather than actually watching.

If you’ve lost or found photos, please report it to us to return the memories to those who made them.


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