15 of the Best iOS Apps for Budget Travellers

We all know what we need in our travel bags nowadays; passport, tickets, currency, wash bag – check, check, check and check! But, do you know what you need in your virtual luggage? We’ve compiled a list of the best apps for travelling so that as well as protecting your gadgets, you have a great trip too!

Credit: Androinica

Credit: Androinica


Look Out

This great app backs-up your device data and tracks your lost gadget. You can check out the rest of our top 5 tracking apps here.

Credit: The Next Web

Credit: The Next Web


Gone are the days that you have to hang around in hostels and cafes, planning your route while you’ve got WiFi. Now, offline maps can be carried around on your phone or tablet, with no need for internet. Just make sure you download the map of your country of choice before you go anywhere and you’ll be all set to explore freely. There are a few services available for offline maps but we recommend Maps.Me for its simplicity and quick downloads.


So, you thought Uber was just for the nights out that you didn’t have a designated driver? Wrong! Uber is international and provides services in places all over the world, including Eurpoe, North America, Asia and Africa!

Credit: Android Pit

Credit: Android Pit


By now, most people are using WhatsApp to chat with friends, with internet often coming cheaper than standard texts. This is doubly true when you’re abroad as using free WiFi is much cheaper than sending texts abroad – just make sure you turn your data off! Some countries don’t use WhatsApp but there is usually an alternative, just search ‘WiFi messaging + [country]’. For example, WeChat is the most popular wifi communication service used in China.


imageExpress VPN

Some countries’ WiFi providers will limit your access to certain websites, including social networking and even your local news sites. By using an alternative VPN, you can gain the same access to the internet as you would in your home country. This is particularly handy for watching TV programmes from home and browsing the web.

Credit: Angel.co

Credit: Angel


For the linguists amongst us, language learning apps are a great way to communicate with the locals and find your way around a new city. Duolingo provides simple phrases in easy to find categories. However, if you’re not great at pronouncing foreign words then Point ItPhoto Translator and iTranslate Voice are fun (but less practical) alternatives.

imageXE Currency Converter

It’s easy to lose track of your money when dealing with another currency. We recommend using a currency converter to keep on top of the numbers. Just have a quick look at the app before you exchange any money so that you can make the swap in confidence that you’re not losing out.



More and more hostel booking apps are becoming available online. However, after reviewing a few of the options, we still think HostelWorld is the best. It’s easy to use, the map is clear and you can save your details for the next time you book a room.


imageSky Scanner

As with hostel bookers, flight booking apps are multiplying. Once again, the original app, has still got the upper hand. We trawled the web for other alternative and found that Sky Scanner had most of the cheapest options. However,mid your going to be taking flights within Asia, Air Asia is also a good resource.

imageTrip Advisor

Most people use Trip Advisor for planning a trip in advance but don’t see the benefits of using it on the road. There are actually heaps of great functions available on the app, including a forum, to get answers to direct questions quickly, and ‘Near me now’, to find out more about your surroundings on the go.

Credit: Four Square

Credit: Four Square

imageFour Square

A great alternative to Trip Advisor, Four Square offers short reviews of places in hundreds of cities. However, it offers a few useful features that Trip Advisor does not, you can filter places by the price, when it’s open and the specials. You can also save your favourite places for later so that they’re easy to find.

imageTravel Plan-It

This app is perfect for people who like to stay organised on holiday. The app, made by Barclays, is designed to cover every part of your travels, from packing list to travel routes. Our favourite element of the app is that it includes easy-to-access emergency information about the country you’re travelling to on its homepage.

Credit: App Storm

Credit: App Storm


Tipulator is great for the mathematically ungifted. The app lets you type in the price of the bill, pick the percentage of a tip you’d like to pay and even divide it between the amount of people dining.

Credit: iCampsites

Credit: iCampsites


If you like travelling with only a rucksack and a tent, this is the app for you. iCampsites shows you available campsites all over the world, as well as

Credit: Design Bolts

Credit: Design Bolts

imageAround Me

This app offers near by facilities and activities, much like Four Square but it uses much more specific categories so you can find what you need quickly, including perol stations, pharmacies and banks.

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