Inspirational Videos to Make You Want to Travel

The world is full of amazing places, often advertised across our social networks, buildings and even clothing. Sometimes, all it takes is a glimpse at one photo and you’ve decided where your next travel destination will be. In this case, here’s a few videos which are sure to get you jumping on a plane, train or bus.

We Call This Home

Three years of awe-inspiring travel compressed into a few minutes of footage. No fancy camera shots needed, just pure, unadulterated travel beauty. This is bound to get you saving the pennies!

Koh Yao Noi

This footage in one of Southern Thailand’s ‘small long islands’ reminds us that our destinations don’t have to be busy and bustling to be beautiful. If you’re looking for somewhere remote, you’ve got plenty of choices. There are apparently over 100,000 islands in the world, take your pick…

What If Money Was No Object?

This thought provoking clip combines stunning scenery with a eye-opening speech from Alan Watts. ‘Money’ is often the excuse for not fulfilling many of our dreams, this video will make you think twice about what’s really holding you back.

Around the World in 365 Degrees

Selfie-lovers, eat your hearts out, the is the selfie of all selfies! We’ve shared this video before but it never gets old. This cheery chap and his upbeat video remind you of all the wonderful people you can meet on the road.

Memories of Asia

And here’s one more piece of earth porn for good measure. This one is so brilliantly colourful that it makes your home town look as if it’s filmed in black and white… To the airport please!

If you’ve lost or found photos, please report it to us to return the memories to those who made them.


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