7 Ways to Prevent Theft of Your Gadgets on the Road

Protecting your electronic gadgets can be an ongoing struggle. There are potential threats in your own home town as well as foreign countries. However, we’ve compiled a few anti-theft tips to give you a helping hand. Some of these are so simple, you’ll kick yourself for not thinking of them!

1. Uglify Your Stuff

If your one to proudly display your sparkling fancy camera, this tip may not be for you. However, if you’re going to be travelling in some dodgy places, this could be the answer to avoiding theft. The owner of this grim-looking gadget actually got mugged twice in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and got away with his camera both times. In fact, the thieves took his $20 camera but not this!

 2. Get a Sneaky Laptop Cover

Credit: Web Urbanist

Credit: Web Urbanist

Laptop covers come in all kinds of sizes and styles these days but they all look distinctly… laptop-shaped. If you want to make carrying your laptop a bit more discreet, you can vote for a more under-the-radar style like this pizza box!

3. Even Better, Make A Laptop Cover

Credit: Make

Credit: Make

This tip is especially good for anyone backpacking with their laptop or camera. You can essentially make a cover for any of your gadgets from an old t-shirt or pair of trousers and disguise your gadgets as just another piece of clothing in your luggage.

4. Get A Slash-Proof Bag

Credit: PacSafe

Credit: PacSafe

Yes, ‘anti-slash bags’ are real! We’ve all heard horror stories of having bags cut from people’s shoulders before they even knew what happened. There is an answer though, PacSafe bags are actually near impossible to be cut! Take that thieves.

5. Hide Data Cards Creatively

Most people just stuff their data cards in lots of different pockets of their bag with the idea that at least one of these places won’t be found. However, sorry to tell you, thieves can actually look in every pocket. Try being a bit more creative and hide your stuff in a medicine bottle, an empty deodorant stick or a chapstick!

6. Back-Up Your Photos

Even if you use all of these tips effectively, there is always the chance something can go wrong. So, just to be safe, back-up all your photos. You can read about our top 5 photo back-up options here.

7. Laundry

And if worst comes to worst, hide your stuff in your dirty laundry bag. No thief will dare go there.

If you’ve lost or found photos, please report it to us to return the memories to those who made them.


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