The 5 Stages of Becoming a Selfie Stick User

Selfie stick users often receive a form of hatred that is reserved only for strangers wearing the same outfit and people who drink the last bit of milk without mentioning it. The path to becoming to a selfie stick user is a long and arduous one. It’s filled with danger, internal conflict and judging stares. But, do not question the power of the selfie stick tribe to lure you in. You could find yourself joining soon enough, in fact, you could already be on your way there…

1. Judgement

I’d never use a selfie stick. They’re worse than bum bags, maybe even as bad as the socks and sandals combo *shudder*

Credit: bebeakinboade

Credit: bebeakinboade

2. Temptation

They do get some pretty cool pictures… sometimes. Maybe I could buy one?
No – don’t fall into the trap!

Credit: China Daily

Credit: China Daily

3. “Fate”

You can’t help it if you got a selfie stick as a present, or you found one, or someone left one at your house… Okay, so maybe you bought it. Whatever – it’s still fate.

Credit: The Wirecutter

Credit: The Wirecutter

4. Testing the Waters

Ok, just one picture. No one has to know.


Credit: Deccan Chronicle

 5. Full Throttle!

I don’t care what you think world, I’m going all out with this selfie stick! I’m going to swing it around like a lightsaber and extended it like I’m Inspector Gadget. And, it will be bloody glorious!

Credit: The Lowdown

Credit: The Lowdown


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