8 Accessories Every GoPro User Should Own

If you have a GoPro, or you’re thinking about getting one, then you need these extras in your life. GoPro’s are tide as fun with gadgets and accessories and shots will become much more entertaining and professional. We’ve listed our top 8 GoPro accessories, read on to find out which ones made the cut.

1. Suction Cup

Credit: GoPro

Credit: GoPro

Price: $40
Best for: Hitching a ride

Suction cups are great company for road trips and drives. You can stick one of these to a motorbike, car or safari jeep and be off in seconds. Make sure you buy a product with good reviews, though, as this can be the difference between having an amazing safari video and a crushed, tyre-marked GoPro.

2. Floatie Backdoor

Credit: GoPro

Credit: GoPro

Price: $30
Best for: Underwater frolicking

You’ve got your waterproof housing, you’ve got your chosen accessory and you’ve got water – great! Now, you dive in, have a whale of a time and suddenly find your GoPro has been lost to the waves – not great! Invest in this small floating device or the hand-held floaty to make it easier to find your GoPro in water. The majority of our reported lost items are GoPro’s in the sea, don’t be the next victim!

3. Head Strap

Credit: GoPro

Credit: GoPro

Price: $25
Best for: Hands-free adventuring

The accessory is small enough to carry everywhere and adjustable for everyone. Once you’ve got it all set up on your head, you’re ready to go! Whether you’re cycling, swimming or skydiving, this nifty accessory and the GoPro chest mount will create the perfect POV shot.

Have a look at this POV of a mountain biker doing a flip over a 72ft canyon for inspiration.

4. Jaws Flex Clamp

Credit: GoPro

Credit: GoPro

Price: $45
Best for: Gravity-defying shots

If you want to mount your GoPro upside down or at stang angles then this is the gadget you need. This clamp can be mounted sturdily onto all sorts of poles and handlebars without a worry. You can guarantee it will stay safely in place, whether you’re moving or not, and you’ll get a brilliant shot.

5. Lens Protecter Kit

Credit: GoPro

Credit: GoPro

Price: $25
Best for: Extra-precaution

This isn’t quit as fun as our other gadgets, but it is extremely sensible. Obviously GoPro’s are designed for adventurous, and often dangerous, galavanting. At some point, you may drop your GoPro and this invention is the difference between being stuck with scratches over the rest of your shots or not.

6. Selfie Stick



Price: $20
Best for: Catching emotion

Stop resisting it! The selfie stick has got to be on the list. It’s light, handy and catches some amazing facial expressions. Whereas most of our other recommended items are best for POV shots, this accessory is perfect for ctacking shots of yourself. If you want to step up from the standard selfie stick, try the GoPro three way in which doubles up as a tripod.

Check out this 3 year epic selfie for some ideas.

7. Sticky Mounts



Price: $10
Best for: Spur-of-the-moment shots

As much as we’d like to think we can professionally set up a shot in moments, it’s not always the case. Finding a way to mount your GoPro quickly can be harder than it seems. However, these sticky mounts are perfect for one time shots. Just slap them on to a surface and they’ll stay put! They’re especially great for helmets and curved surfaces. The only negative about this accessory is that it’s not reusable, so you’ll want to get more than one.

8. The App

Credit: The Gadgeteer

Credit: The Gadgeteer

Price: FREE
Best for: GoPro’s without monitors

There’s something exciting about not knowing what you’re filming and waiting until you upload your video to find out. However, when you want the perfect shot, this isn’t so much fun. Download the free GoPro app to see your GoPro shots on your phone screen in real time.


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