8 Travel Essentials for Techies

If you’re a frequent traveller, photo-snapper and can’t be without your phone/camera, then you need these things in your life!

1. An array of cables and adaptors – $5+

There’s nothing more frustrating than turning up somewhere and finding you’ve got low battery. Within minutes everything seems to run out of battery, you lose contact with people, and you end up crying on a foreign street… Just me?

Credit: Home Inspira and J2CC

Credit: Home Inspira and J2CC

– Universal plug adaptor (compatible with sockets in most countries).
USB cables for your phone and/or camera (useful if you want to upload pictures to a hostel computer).
USB compatible charger (in case your regular charger breaks).

There are actually lots of products online that combine all the functions you need. However, we recommend getting a few different solutions so that if one breaks, you have a back-up.

2. Camera Tripod / Selfie Stick – $10+

Credit: SPN Performance and Mpow

Credit: SPN Performance and Mpow

Stop worrying about the judging eyes of people when you whip out your selfie stick! Don’t fret about getting in people’s way with your tripod. If you want a photo of your whole gang, without the lamy photography skills of a passing stranger, you need a travel tripod or a selfie stick.

3. Bags of Bags! – $5+


Credit: Result Sport and Karrimor

If you’re into adventure sports or slumming it then these things are a godsend. They give you the freedom to splash around in the sun without drenching all your electronics.
–  Dry bags (large enough for a digital camera and accessories).
– Mini waterproof bag (compact size for a phone or a slim camera).
Day bag (if you don’t want to be carrying a bag the size of a small hippo around with you every day, make sure to bring a smaller alternative for day trips).
Camera bag (to save your camera from damage and accidents).
Cable case (to easily check that all cables are present and correct).

4. Offline Maps – $FREE


Credit: Android Pit

These can be your guardian angel while exploring new places. MapsMe is our favourite choice, it’s simple, reliable and completely free. All you have to do is download the map of your country of choice in advance and then you’re ready to go!

5. Back-Up – $FREE+


Credit: It’s Somewhere

As a company who deals with lost phones and cameras everyday, we know how easy it can be for some to go missing. If you want to save yourself the heartbreak of losing all your photos, invest in a photo back-up method. If you need help choosing one, take a look at our top 5 ways to back-up your photos.

6. GoPro Accessories – $20+

Credit: Ebay

Credit: Ebay

If you’re travelling with a GoPro then make sure you get all the accessories you want in advance. It’s much harder than you think to find these things abroad. We recommend getting an accessory pack for the best value for money.

7. Portable Charger – $10+

Credit: Anker and Polanfo

Credit: Anker and Polanfo

These things are great if you need to charge your devices on the go. They’re small enough to bring in your day bag and CHEAP ENOUGH for a budget traveller.

20,000mah power portable charger (for those who want to splash out on something with lots of power).
Super small portable charger (for those who just need an extra hour of power, here and there).

8. Spares!

Credit: Ashestechcom and

Credit: Ashestechcom and SanDisk

We hate to sound like your nagging parents, but bring a spare set of everything possible! Batteries, SD cards, chargers, cables, everything!


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