Top 5 Phone Tracking Apps

Remember that time you left your phone in the taxi/bar/hotel/airport? Remember when you said you’d never make that mistake again? Then, remember how you did?

We can’t help it! We humans are naturally clumsy and forgetful. Anything we can lose, we will lose, no matter how much we tell ourselves we won’t. Fear not, though! We can prevent it being completely lost in the deep, dark, depth of lost phones land. Think ahead and invest in a phone tracking app.

We’ve reviewed some of the top apps on the market right now. Read on to find out which is the best.


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5. Prey
Rating: 2/5
Cost: FREE
Premium plan: $5/month
Compatibility: iOS

This app is mainly targeted at theft, as you can tell from the slightly sadistic name. It uses various stealthy features, such as; taking a picture of the phone holder (formerly known as a ‘theftie’), disguising the app as a game and ‘camouflage mode’. However, managing to use these features is easier said than done. We found it very difficult just to get back to the control panel, near impossible to find the photo-capture feature and, to make matters worse, the phone must be connected to the internet for the app to work. To add to this, the user of the phone, thief or not, can easily confirm the phone as ‘recovered’ with no trouble at all. Furthermore, despite the heroic name of this app, we would not recommend running after any criminals. Remember, it’s just a phone, it’s not worth the risk!

4. Avira


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Rating: 3/5
Cost: FREE
Premium plan: $31.99/year
Compatibility: Windows, MAC, Android, iOS

This app has got the beauty of simplicity down to a tee. It’s easy to use and all the features can be tested at the flick of finger tip. It has a loud alarm to draw attention to where the phone may be and it can back up your contacts, in case you don’t find your phone.
However, the most promising feature of ‘exact location address’ was a bit of a disappointment. Arguably, the app did cover itself with a warning that stayed: ‘There is no guarantee this app can find your device’. However, the ‘exact address’ feature gave us a completely wrong address on more than one occassion, which is a little worrying. Although it’s format is one of the best of tracking apps, its reliability let it down.

3. Plan B


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Rating: 3.5/5
Cost: FREE
Premium plan: N/A
Compatibility: Android

The best element of this app is that there is no set-up or preparation needed. You can use this even if you’ve already lost your phone, with no need to download it in advance. However, it’s success does rely on the phone being turned on and connected to the internet. WIth out those two elements, Plan B doesn’t do a thing, unfortunately. Overall, this app is a good idea in theory but it was pretty hit or miss and it isn’t particularly easy to use.

2. Life 360


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Rating: 4.5/5
Cost: FREE
Premium plan: $4.99/month – $49.99/year
Compatibility: iOS

This app is pretty spot on at finding the location of your phone, it can even track your GOS history. The main selling point of Life360 is that you can add more than one person’s device to the app. This means that you can track down friends or family very easily. It’s a great idea for families with young ones or if you are travelling. However, it is a little invasive on a day-to-day basis. However, as first mentioned, the app did successfully find our phone location on more than one accession. The only negative, which seems to be a running trend in tracking apps, is that it was a little complicated to use.

1. Lookout


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Rating: 5/5
Cost: FREE
Premium plan: $2.99/month – $29.99/year
Compatibility: Android, iOS

This is one of the top rated phone tracking apps on the market and we can see why! It’s simple to use, none of that multiple pages, tabs and confusing tracking modes malarkey. Its features include the exact location of where your phone is on a map and the last known location before the battery dies. It’s also has great back-up options, including copying your contacts and photos. The only piece of the puzzle missing is the ‘take a photo of the last known user of phone’ function.


Overall, there is a plethora of tracking apps at your fingertips to suit your phone and needs. The majority of them are free and fairly reliable. Unfortunately, a lot of them are a bit complicated and take a while to learn how to use the features. Lookout stood out as the best app by far as it was dependable and easy to use. However, if you’re looking for a tracking app for social purposes then Life360 is your best bet.


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