Let us introduce ourselves…

“I don’t care about the phone/camera/tablet, I just want my pictures back.”

Here at It’s Somewhere, we reunite owners with their lost memories.

We know how precious a picture can be. It could be a photo saved on a camera or a video stored on a phone. Whatever it is you’ve lost, it’s priceless and it’s somewhere.

We’re building a database of lost and found cameras, phones and tablets. Our aim is to connect owners with their missing photos and videos. Whether you are looking for your device or its owner, we can help you.

Lost or found photos?
Like and follow us to help return the memories to those who made them.
Watch this space to sign up to report details about a device.



It’s Somewhere is a quick, simple and free site to share lost and found media devices. Members can upload information about the device model, picture content, and the location that it was lost or found.

Please be aware, there is no obligation for the device to be returned. Members can discuss a reward or agreement if they would like to. However, our aim is to return the memories, not the device. It’s Somewhere is just about returning the selfies, the action-shots, the accidentally-recorded-it videos and you know, the important stuff!


Reading the stories of photos being reunited with the owner of a GoPro washed down a river, and showing the true power of social media is a brilliant. We don’t want to hear one of these stories every few months though, we want to hear them everyday!

By dedicating a website to the cause, and putting all of these reports in one place, it makes sure the smaller stories don’t get lost in the social media haystack. With our searching system, we make it easier for you to filter your search and locate the device.

We also offer advice and helpful tips on this blog. By following this blog, you can find articles on keeping electronic devices safe, the latest technology and preventing further loss.



We’re a group of twenty-somethings who have just done our small bit of exploring the world. We tried amazing new things, saw beautiful sights and met wonderful people. Every memory was as pretty as a picture and we treasure every one of those memories dearly.

However, while we were traveling, we met lots of unfortunate people who had lost their pictures. Whether it was due to bad luck, theft or just plain clumsiness, everyone seemed to say the same thing: “I don’t care about the phone/camera/tablet, I just want my photos back.”

And, that’s how It’s Somewhere was started.


2 responses to “Let us introduce ourselves…

  1. Interesting 🙂 I lost my phone and I was more sad about the photos and videos lost with it… >_< i did not care that much about the phone, in fact I bought a new phone, same model, the same day I lost it…


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